2023-2024 NPCCP Enrollment Paperwork

Many of the forms listed below are required by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois for licensing. Since parents serve as volunteer staff, state licensing requires that the parent/adult who serves in the classroom must complete all paperwork noted below. Many forms can be completed and submitted online and all forms will be handled in a confidential manner. (This letter can be found in its entirety here, should you wish to download it.)

All forms are due by August 1, 2023, and must be complete and on file before your child may begin school.

Child Forms:

1. Emergency Contact Information Form– Please include anyone who is authorized to drop off or pick up your child from school. EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM (Google Form)

2. Certificate of Child Health Examination Form– This is the only form that the State of Illinois will accept. Please do NOT let your doctor substitute a form from his/her office. A parent must complete and sign the Health History section of the form. Immunizations must be up to date. Measles/mumps/rubella and chickenpox vaccinations are required for entrance into school. Lead screenings and a TB test are required unless your doctor signs off that it is not needed. If your child is behind on immunizations, your doctor must attach a note stating the reason. 

3. Tell Me About Your Child– This form will be used to help the teachers get to know your child and your family prior to the start of school. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CHILD FORM (Google Form)

4. Allergy Information Form– If your child has any allergies that may affect his or her participation in preschool activities, please complete and return this form in its entirety. ALLERGY INFORMATION FORM (Google Form)

5. Permissions Form– This form allows you to choose what permissions you give NPCCP and its staff regarding your child. PERMISSIONS FORM (Google Form)

6. Guidance and Discipline Form– This form outlines the guidance and discipline policy we follow at NPCCP. GUIDANCE AND DISCIPLINE FORM (Google Form)

7. Birth Certificate– Please email or mail a copy of your child’s birth certificate with your forms. (COPY NEEDED)

  • Note: Returning students only need to fill out the Emergency Contact Information Form if other forms have previously been submitted and are up to date.

Adult Forms – Required for Volunteering in the Classroom:

1. Adult Medical Form– A doctor must sign and date the form indicating that the adult who assists in the classroom is healthy and has undergone a TB test. The TB test is required for every adult who assists in the classroom. Parents must also provide proof of measles/mumps/rubella vaccinations. A copy of your immunization history is sufficient. ADULT MEDICAL FORM (PDF)

2. Information on Person Employed in a Child Care Facility 508-1 Form– Our Facility Provider ID number is 015315. You may indicate that you are employed as a “volunteer”. INFORMATION ON PERSON EMPLOYED IN A CHILD CARE FACILITY 508-1 FORM (PDF)

3. Fingerprinting and Authorization for Background Check– A fingerprinting background check is required by the State of Illinois for EVERY person who assists in the classroom. This background check is valid for five years. All parents who will be volunteering in the classroom need to be sure to include the following information on the above 508-1 Form: Full name, Last four digits of your SSN, and D.O.B. Once the necessary information from your 508-1 form is provided, the director will look up your name in the DCFS background check database. At that point, the necessary paperwork will be generated for you to bring to the fingerprinting facility: Biometric Impressions, located at 1032 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60622. (FORM PROVIDED AFTER 508-1 FORM IS SUBMITTED)

4. Mandated Reporter Status Form– All parent volunteers are required to report or cause a report to be made in suspected cases of abuse or neglect. MANDATED REPORTER FORM (PDF)

5. Letters of Recommendation– Please ask three friends, neighbors, or co-workers to sign this form. It may NOT be completed by a relative. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (PDF)

6. High School/College Verification– A copy of your high school or college diploma is required. This document must be in English. If you cannot provide a copy, please give the reason in writing. (COPY NEEDED)

  • Note: If your child is a returning student, or a sibling of a student within the past five years, you DO NOT have to redo the adult forms if you have already provided them and they are up to date.

All forms are due by August 1, 2023!

Many forms can be filled out via Google Forms, some forms will need to be printed, filled out, and returned via email (preschool@npcovenant.org) or mail (North Park Church Cooperative Preschool, 5250 N. Christiana Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625).

Please let me know if you need hard copies of the PDF forms or if you have any further questions.


Becky Edwards
Administrative Director
North Park Church Cooperative Preschool