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Celebrating 125 Years at NPCC

The Building with Faithfulness Campaign is one of the many ways in which North Park Covenant Church is celebrating 125 years of God’s faithfulness in and through the people of this community. As we work to end our year of celebration well and build toward our future, we invite you to make note of these upcoming dates. All of this is in celebration of who we’ve been and who God is calling us to be!

Launching the Campaign for our Future

With humble beginnings in 1898 as a body of Swedish Mission Friends who gathered for worship in Old Main on North Park University’s campus, to the multiethnic and multigenerational congregation that worships and serves together on the corner of Berwyn and Christiana today, North Park Covenant Church (NPCC) rejoices in God’s faithfulness over the past 125 years and looks toward the future with anticipation for all that God has in store!

In gratitude and celebration of God’s faithfulness, NPCC is embarking on a $1,250,000 campaign to build for continued ministry in the coming years. Building with Faithfulness (BWF) is a three-year campaign that will focus on repairing our sacred space, strengthening our ministry to our youth, and building our outreach to our community. And in gratitude for God’s generosity throughout the decades, 10 percent of the monies raised—a tithe—will go to outside ministries or community groups.

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north park's bell tower

Faithful to the Sacred Space

The sanctuary is central to much of our life together, and generations of North Park’s church family have gathered for worship in this beautiful and sacred space. For a number of years, however, the east wall of the back balcony has suffered from water damage. After many unsuccessful repairs, we have determined the source of the problem and have developed a comprehensive plan for preventing future seepage and repairing the damage. We have received an estimate of $600,000 for full repair of the wall, bricks, plaster, limestone, and further preservation of the stained glass.

About 50% of BWF funds will go to restore the east wall so we can continue to worship God in the beauty and safety of the sanctuary.

Faithful to the Church Body

NPCC is truly a multigenerational family. We are all enriched by the participation, enthusiasm, and insights of our youth and young adults, and we want to see them formed deeply in Christ and transformed by the good news of the gospel. North Park has a long tradition of commitment to its youth, and we want to continue that by strengthening our youth ministry and by building sustainable care for our young people.

NPCC is located in an increasingly diverse urban neighborhood. We are grateful for our community and committed to meaningful outreach by developing our multicultural awareness and building bridges of respect, ministry, and service.

Approximately 40 percent of BWF funds will be used to create another full-time pastoral position to strengthen ministry to youth and young adults and to build bridges between church and community. The BWF funds will support the position for five years while we work to incorporate the salary into the general budget.

Faithful in Generosity

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted even more will be demanded” (Luke 12:48b). Our God is a generous God who pours out grace that is new every morning. The God who supplies our every need also asks us to be generous in return—to care for the poor, the widow, the imprisoned, and the marginalized.

As a church, we want to be faithful to God’s call to generosity and continue to expand the kingdom of God in our neighborhood and world. Therefore, 10 percent of BWF funds will be given to ministries or community outreach programs beyond our walls that will be determined by the congregation.

For God's glory and neighbors' good

Will you join us?

This campaign needs people like you—people who give thanks for the faith formation that has been central to this body for 125 years and who want to see ministry continue in new and innovative ways at North Park Covenant Church.

We invite you to support this endeavor with your prayers and your gifts.

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