2019 NPCC Sunday Morning Worship Survey

We did it, church! We have successfully completed the survey and ninety-four people who have worshiped with us in the past two years thoughtfully shared their experience of our Sunday morning worship gathering. 

The Survey Results

You can find all the data we have gathered here in pdf form with light organization and graphs to help you interpret the data.

Help Us Interpret!

Now that the data is in we are starting to do the work of understanding what we need to learn from one another in these answers we’ve gathered. If you want to get involved in that conversation, we ask you to do four things:

  • Read the survey results carefully (maybe with friends!)
  • Notice a few things in the survey that seem either especially interesting or meaningful
  • Determine one action step for the church that the survey results suggest
  • Share your insights!

That sharing can be informally with your friends and family in the congregation or it could be directly with leadership. And as always, Pastor Libby and Pastor Jeff would love to hear directly what you are thinking. Grab them in person or send an email and lets keep listening to one another as we seek to fully worship God in spirit and in truth!