NPCC COVID-19 Response

2020 11 30: In-person Worship Suspension Continues

Based on the current COVID numbers in the area, we are extending our decision not to have the congregation present in worship for the time being. Once our neighborhood and city numbers go down we anticipate opening our worship services again to a limited number of in-person participants.

2020 11 12: In-person Worship Suspended for Remainder of November

Based on the current COVID numbers in the area, we have made the decision not to have the congregation present for worship at least through the end of November (November 15, 22, 25, and 29).

We will continue to livestream our services–with pastoral staff and worship and tech teams only present in the sanctuary–each Sunday morning, but we will not have congregation members and/or ushers present.

We are sorry that we have had to make this decision, but we have done so out of our care and concern for all of you.

We pray that we will be able to return to in-person worship soon. 

Please join us in prayer for our global community, as we continue to fight this virus.

Pandemic Ponderings… for Posterity

It has been six months, now, since the global pandemic began and life changed dramatically for us. So much has changed about the way we do life, ministry, and worship at North Park Covenant Church, and so much has changed in individual and family life, too. While we don’t know exactly how long this pandemic will last and how long we will need to be so very careful, we would like to start compiling a COVID-19 Memory Book: How the Pandemic of 2020 Changed Our Lives. It will contain a recap of the ways in which we have altered life at church—ministry and worship—but it would wonderful to also be able to include some thoughts, notes, and journal entries from all of you. How has the pandemic changed the way you are living? What have you learned? What has been hard? What has been good? Do you have stories to share? Perhaps you have already been keeping a journal of sorts and have pieces you would be willing to share, or perhaps this is just the impetus you need to write or create something.

Please send your writings (short written observations, longer reflections, paintings or drawings, photos—however you might feel most comfortable expressing yourself) to Pastor Libby’s email ( when you’re ready. And, of course, feel free to reach out if you have questions, too. Once complete, this memory book will be available to any who would like a copy. It will also serve as a memory piece for the archives.

Christianity and COVID-19

We invite you to listen to a Language of God podcast episode from the BioLogos website. BioLogos was begun by Dr. Francis Collins, lead scientist on the Human Genome Project and the current “boss” of Dr. Anthony Fauci. In this particular podcast, Dr. Collins is chatting with N.T. Wright, well-known and gifted theologian. Listen in as these two brilliant men of faith discuss the current COVID pandemic and how we might deal with it as people of faith. (You might remember, too, that Pastor Libby mentioned this podcast in a sermon at the end of July.)

This is an unprecedented time as we face the coronavirus pandemic in our neighborhood and nation.

As we are walking together in this moment, we have come to realize that keeping up with developments and communicating well through this season will take care and innovation. This page will be constantly updated as we work together to communicate clearly, support one another as the family of God, and stand together against fear and anxiety.

If you have concerns, ideas, or needs that you would like to share please reach out to Pastor Jeff, Pastor Libby, or Ann-Marie.

North Park Church Cooperative Preschool

  • The North Park Church Cooperative Preschool is back with online classes.
  • Head over to the NPCCP Website for more details.

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