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Christianity and COVID-19

We invite you to listen to a Language of God podcast episode from the BioLogos website. BioLogos was begun by Dr. Francis Collins, lead scientist on the Human Genome Project and the current “boss” of Dr. Anthony Fauci. In this particular podcast, Dr. Collins is chatting with N.T. Wright, well-known and gifted theologian. Listen in as these two brilliant men of faith discuss the current COVID pandemic and how we might deal with it as people of faith. (You might remember, too, that Pastor Libby mentioned this podcast in a sermon at the end of July.)

This is an unprecedented time as we face the coronavirus pandemic in our neighborhood and nation.

As we are walking together in this moment, we have come to realize that keeping up with developments and communicating well through this season will take care and innovation. This page will be constantly updated as we work together to communicate clearly, support one another as the family of God, and stand together against fear and anxiety.

If you have concerns, ideas, or needs that you would like to share please reach out to Pastor Jeff, Pastor Libby, or Ann-Marie.

Current NPCC Gathering Schedule

  • In-person worship gatherings with a limit of 50 people per Sunday are anticipated to begin on October 4, 2020 at 10:30am. To sign up for a spot, head over to the Worship Page.
  • Many of our in pesron programs and gatherings are beginning in the fall with a focus on digital or outdoor gatherings. You can find more information in our church email.

North Park Church Cooperative Preschool Schedule

  • The North Park Church Cooperative Preschool is back with online classes.
  • Head over to the NPCCP Website for more details.

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