Some Questions about Pledging (May 21, 2014)

I have had two people ask for verification about types of pledges that they have made:
  –  “I made a pledge to the last building fund, did I meet that pledge yet?”
  –  “I gave to the roof last fall and at that time I said I would give some more in 2014, does that count toward this building pledge as well?”
These are very good, and becoming common, questions.
I believe that previous building pledges (from 2004 through 2009) to the building were to assist with the additions (handicap accessibility, offices, elevator, etc). But those costs changed from the building work at that time to the mortgage payments now. This is now referred to as Fulfilling Our Commitment and although those initial pledges are old, the expense still exists in the form of the mortgage payments.
I think that means that people should consider all the pledges they made prior to 2012 to have been fulfilled. (Even if they have not technically been fulfilled, I don’t think that the original pledges can be checked to know for sure if they have been fulfilled or not.)
So I think of everyone as “starting over” in 2014. And for 2014 people have pledged to the:
(1) general fund (single year)
(2) FOC, aka mortgage payments (single year)
(3) some pledge to a few other things (Friendship Center, etc) (single year)
(4) and now with this 52 Days of Recommitment are pledging to the building work (potential for 5 years)
NOTE: This pledge to the 52 Days DOES NOT replace the giving or pledging to the FOC (aka mortgage payments)
* Also, people gave to the one time roof request last fall…some called this a pledge and it sort of was, but it was also usually a one-time payment at that time.
These pieces can be confusing so if you have any questions, please email the Treasurer at any time. Also, if you would like to see a history of your pledging, email the Treasurer and those details can be provided to you.