Virtual Prayer Vigil

Come pray with us! As we continue our celebration of our 125th anniversary, we realize just how much prayer has played an integral and exciting part in our life together and all the lives that have preceded us. And, as the summer gently morphs into fall, we, as a congregation adhere to a more structured schedule again. The schedule includes opening a delightful and worthy package wrapped in the privilege of extending ourselves into a deeper faith as we joyfully plunge into our anniversary campaign. Its name says it all: Building with Faithfulness! That is one thing we will be praying for at our Virtual Prayer Vigil on
Saturday, September 23, from 7 am to 7 pm. Please use this sign up for half an hour or more. The materials you may use, if you choose, will be forwarded to you if you sign up.

In our journey through the Lectionary since Pentecost, we have been studying Matthew’s gospel. One of the first of his recordings is the disciples meeting Jesus on the mountain where he had arranged their reunion following his resurrection. We find Jesus preaching to an awestruck crowd! He said that only when we hear his teaching and apply it to our lives and persist in doing the will of our Heavenly Father will we enter into heaven’s kingdom. Certainly, praying together is our Father’s will! Thank you for shoring up our fall schedule as we join together in concerted prayer during our fall prayer vigil!

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