UPDATE 2014 Pledges Received (as of Dec 21st, 2013)

THANK YOU!!   Seventy-eight (78) members and friends of North Park Covenant Church have pledged to support our church financially in 2014. This group has pledged nearly $415,000 to the general operations of our church. But wait! There is more!   Fifty-four (54) have pledged to the Fulfilling Our Committment campaign (aka the mortgage payments) for an amount of $85,600. But wait there is even more! An additional $12,800 has been pledged for other items at church, including the roof and upcoming work to our building. That’s a total of $513,000 pledged for 2014!   THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO HAVE PLEDGED!!

And if you have not yet pledged, you can still do so. The Budget Committee uses those pledges to estimate income for 2014 so all pledges are greatly appreciated and used for planning for our future.