NPCC Stewardship Campaign

Everything seems different this year, and that includes our life together as a church. Wearing a mask while worshipping in person, keeping our distance from each other, and getting a lot more familiar with online technology than perhaps some of us have been in the past—yes, it’s been a strange year. 

But some things remain the same.

God’s work in us and through us at North Park Covenant Church continues. Co-pastors Jeff and Libby continue to creatively lead us as we walk in God’s ways. Church staff care for us and for the church building, and we are wrapped in loving, supportive community. We continue to do ministry, though maybe in different forms, we still have salaries and bills to pay, and we still need to prepare for the next surprise.  

To carry out our 2021 mission and be prepared for next year’s contingencies requires our time, talent, and treasure. November is when we, as a congregation, pledge our support for the work of North Park Covenant Church. A pledge form for 2021 is located below. Please give your prayerful consideration to what you can contribute to the support of our church for the next year.

If you would like to make your pledge with a physical card, please reach out to Ann-Marie. If you feel called to pledge your time and talents as well, please contact the co-pastors, Libby and Jeff.