Building Repairs

NPCC frontMuch of our church building is over 80 years old and has been in great need of repair. We have been guided in this work by a plan prepared by a firm of restoration architects. That plan is posted in a link at the bottom of this page. Currently, the roof has been repaired, as has the masonry associated with the roof on the original portion of the church building. We also had extensive work done on other sections of the masonry, including tuck pointing and replacement of some steel lintel beams. In 2013, the front steps were rebuilt, and prior to that, the chimney was rebuilt and other masonry repairs were carried out. This work was paid for by gifts already received from members of the congregation and by bequest funds. The major work needing to be done includes the complete rebuilding of the upper portion of the bell tower at a cost of $321,000. The tower is strapped and netted for safety reasons, but this is, of course, not a permanent solution. We also have replaced 52 drafty and inefficient windows in the education/office wing and will need, over the next five years, to do additional masonry and interior work to bring the building back into excellent repair. Gifts or pledges may be sent to the church in care of the Treasurer or you may use the link below. As progress of this plan is made, we will be updating this page. Be sure to check back! To view the building report made in August 2013, click here. To view photos of the progress being made, click here. giveonline