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At North Park Covenant Church, we are a congregationally led church. Our life together flows out of conversation, collaboration, and a shared discernment of what the Spirit is doing in and through us. That means how we communicate, support, and resource one another is an essential part of staying healthy as a family of faith.

The April 24, 2022, Town Hall

Navigating this time of COVID-19, dreaming about investing in new ministry and new staff, anticipating the impending completion of our church’s mortgage this year, and knowing that the masonry of the east wall is going to need attention in the near future are just some of the big items we are juggling in this season as we move forward together as a church. The Executive Council called this town hall as a way to invite the whole church into the leadership conversation and begin to discern together what is our next faithful step. If you want to get some of the back story on this conversation, check out these resources:

Annual Meeting 2021

At the first half of our Annual Meeting in January, we shared some updates about church life and elected our nominating committee, who will lead us in identifying and recruiting new leaders going forward. And the bulk of our time was spent deciding on our budget for the coming year. If you want to dig into the details, you can find the agenda, annual report, and budget in the links below:

At the second half of our Annual Meeting, held on Sunday, April 24, 2022, we approved a list of nominees for congregational leadership in the coming year. The ballot of nominees was approved as presented.

Personal Member Page

We have a password-protected side to our website that gives members and friends access to personal information, including member directories, pledge/tithing information, and more. If you would like to build an account, or need help getting logged into your member page, please contact our Church Administrator, Ann-Marie.

Email Communication

We have a church email list that gives subscribers an option of what information they receive: Call to Prayer and/or General Church Information. You can subscribe to those emails here.

Online Giving

You can give to North Park Covenant Church electronically using a linked bank account or major credit card here.

Church Leadership

We are a church that thrives because church members take an active role in leading our church. For a list of the current members of our Executive Council and church board members, click here.