Church Leadership

Below is a list of the members of our Executive Council and the various boards included in our church governance. The year following each person's name is that in which their term (most often three years in duration) concludes.
Executive Council Members
Bill Werner, Church Chair
Susan Dawson, Vice Chair
Susan Dawson, Andy Johnson, Bill Werner, Treasurer
Jane Swanson-Nystrom, Secretary

Board Representatives to the Executive Council
Sandi Kersten and Valerie Sanchez Lucco, Deacons
Andy Johnson, Trustees
Joey Ekberg, Christian Formation
Mike Polzin, Community Concern

Pastoral Staff
Jeff Hunter, Co-pastor
Libby Piotrowski, Co-pastor
Blake Thomas, Youth Pastor

Christian Formation
Joey Ekberg, Co-chair, 2019
Sue Anderson, Co-chair, 2021
Bill Faude, 2020
Sharon Flint, 2021
Barb Goode, Secretary, 2019
Carol Schlensker, 2021
Karen Szyjka, 2019
Lisa Ziems, 2021
Libby Piotrowski, Advisory

Community Concern
Sally Johnson, Chair, 2019
Elizabeth Bleakley, 2021
Michael Bucci, 2021
Barbara Nordlund, 2021
Hauna Ondrey Johnson, 2020
Michael Polzin, 2019
Sandi Kersten, Co-chair, 2019
Valerie Sanchez-Lucco, Co-chair, 2020
Sandy Edstrom, 2019
Herb Hedstrom, 2021
Louise Hedstrom, 2021
Tim Johnson, 2021
Peter Olfelt, 2019
Paula Schuetz, 2020
Joan Zetterlund, 2021

Andy Johnson, Chair, 2019
Keith Chase-Ziolek, 2021
Maria Ciccone, Secretary, 2020
Andrew Clauson, 2020
Brad Dahlgren, 2021
David Frisk, 2021
Anders Johnson, 2021
Doug Nystrom, 2019
Tommy Richardson, 2021
Jack Rosell, 2020
Dave Schlensker, 2019
Christian Schuetz, At Large