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June 2017 Town Hall Results

On June 11, 2017, we held a Town Hall meeting following worship to continue prioritizing communication and community discernment in the congregation. In addition to sharing a tower update and looking toward our anticipated fall human sexuality conversations, we spent time brainstorming together about the future we see ahead of us. The Executive Council began this conversation in conjunction with the Trustees in March to ask, “What is ahead of us, and how do we prepare and prioritize our finances to meet those future challenges and possibilities?” And the 70 Town Hall participants took up a similar question—“What do you see ahead of the church that we need to starting planning for and moving toward?”—and worked to answer it.

These are the compiled results of both of those conversations so you can see the broad similarities in each conversation, as well as some of the interesting differences. We will continue moving forward with this in the fall. As you look through the document, let us know what questions you have, what resonates with you, and what future possibilities you see.

We have been graciously saved and invited to participate in God’s enormous mission to bring justice and healing to our lives and our communities. Join us in prayer that the Lord of the harvest sends workers and resources to bring these incredible possibilities to fruition.

2016 11 16 Town Hall Meeting

On Wednesday, November 16, a good number of our congregation stayed after the gather meal to participate in a town hall-style meeting, discussing dreams and visions for our church, as well as how everyone is feeling thus far about the new co-pastor model. A recap of that evening can be found here.

Church Documents

Human Sexuality

Between 2016 and 2018, NPCC did a lot of work to discern together a more robust and complex approach to how we think, believe, and live together as embodied human beings. Much of our work was tied to a unique moment in both our church body and in our denominational family and is a work still in progress. But the words we developed and the decision we made as a congregation serve as a marker that points us forward to more faithful discipleship and greater flourishing as individuals and as a community. You can find the words we settled on and the process we followed here.

Building Repair

Our church building is beautiful and much-loved. And it takes a lot of contining energy to keep it in good repair. Over on the Building Repairs page you can see some of our historical work, and keep tabs on new needs and inititatives as they arise.

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Past Annual Meetings

2020 Church Meeting – PPP Decision

In May 2020, North Park Covenant Church voted to accept funds from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. This is the letter to the congregation describing the process and decision.

2020 Annual Meeting

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